Thursday, 27 June 2013

I've got your back.

My year 5 teacher, Mr Rafferty, used to tell us (along with many other random life lessons) something that has stuck in my mind ever since he first breathed it. You can count the names of your true friends on the fingers of one hand. At the naive ages of 9 and 10, we all shook our heads in disbelief and amazement gathered around, sitting cross-legged on the carpet, looking waaay up to a man of six foot four inches tall. As you got older, you made more friends, right? Not necessarily, as we've all come to realise. The term "friends" seems to be thrown about a lot, when in fact, everyone knows who they really regard as their friends deep down. 

My nineteen (I hate to say it) almost twenty year old self, understands this now. I have very few friends who I'd consider my true friends, however, that's not a bad thing at all. Well, not in my eyes anyway. Those special few in my life matter infinite amounts. The few I'd run to at 3 in the morning because they've just gone through a nasty break-up, or a family argument, or just because they're drunk and upset, or ready to keep on drinking. The ones I'd spend the night on the bathroom floor with, holding their hair back when they've had too much vodka and coke's in town. The one's I can go for days without texting, seeing, or talking to, and everything will be the same when we reunite. The people who know me better, sometimes, than I know myself. The amazing few who I'd run into a burning building for, conquer my biggest fears to save (and yes Elizabeth, I'd sacrifice my left arm for you, babe.) The one's I'd bail out of prison or end up in A&E with (but let's really not jinx that last one!) The group I'd do anything for in my power, day or night. I'd be there for my friends even if it meant feigning sleep, or running on zero coffee (and that really is a big deal!) The ones who know and keep my biggest secrets, my worst fears, flaws and deepest insecurities, and still put up with me anyway. This is just a little thing, to say I love you all, I never want to lose you. Oh, and one more thing. I've got your backs.

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