Friday, 21 June 2013


Sitting in the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, surrounded by 20,000 other people; including many other die-hard Bon Jovi fans, the sun blaring, various support acts singing and drumming away, I couldn't have been happier. With my auntie, my clone as said by some. Drinking indecently expensive pints of Strongbow out of plastic cups. Scruffy floors, the height from the stage, people swarming about like bees, trying their best not to bump into other people juggling too many alcoholic beverages and band merchandise: the kind of gifty irrelevant things like t-shirts and mugs and programmes that require you to take out a bank loan to afford them. And everyone is here for the same reason. A very-fabulous, Mr Jon Bon Jovi. A man I've loved for many years, even if it was from a distance. Therefore, I jumped at the chance of actually seeing (and hearing him play) personally. Everyone knows the songs. The anthems. The soundtrack to so many people's childhoods, (unfortunately, I was born in the wrong era.) Those "how can you not know the words!?" kind of songs. The hype begins when It's My Life comes over the microphone, and everyone's on their feet in unison. Then for the classic everyone's been waiting for, Livin' On A Prayer. Even if you aren't a Bon Jovi fan, you know the words. There was wonder circulating around the stadium; what would be the final song? It was obvious wasn't it? It had to be. The song you sway to. The song you sing when thinking about the only person you really love. The ultimate power ballad. Named one of the greatest, most famous love songs of all time. Yes, you've guessed it. Always. Hearing a crowd of strangers singing in unison to one of my favourite songs ever written, as the sun gradually was disappearing on the horizon, mood lighting in tow, was one of the most memorable experiences ever. It was wonderful and romantic and very picturesque. Yes, I know. Gush gush gush. I was left speechless. Totally, utterly, unforgettable.

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