Tuesday, 11 June 2013

'Without You.'

I miss your smile, I miss your face,
And the way your coffee used to taste,
The glint in your eyes,
The way you combed your hair and wrote your name.
No one told me that the last time,
Would be the last time I'd ever hold your hand,
Or feel the way you made me feel,
Like I was the only one that mattered,
The only one I saw.
I've spent countless hours,
Drowning in my own tears,
Craving your lost touch.
Your voice can only be heard on the answering machine,
Sitting by the door, a lonely reminder
Of the aching void I'll never fill.
I never will speak to you again,
You're never there to hold my hand,
Or my hair back when I've drank too much.
I never do see your smile again,
Or see you walk back through the door.
Not in this lifetime. Not as long as we're here.
Not as long as our hearts thud and our chests heave,
But maybe there's more, after we leave.
Maybe one day we'll come face to face
Between the clouds at heaven's gates,
We share a moment,
You smile and take my hand,
And we'll do everything we said we would but never did,
Just like we planned.

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