Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I find you wandering, slowly
The friction encompasses and suffocates
As I struggle to wade through
The misery of your mind.
The torment, burning scarlet,
The flames escape and devour
Everything they touch.
Burnt, blackened, blistered.
You hide in your own little bubble,
Floating and fluctuating,
Narrowly avoiding a dozen sharp edges.
A fragile spirit, a porcelain doll,
Its only a matter of time,
Until your exterior shatters.
Brittle to touch, hard to handle,
And harder to tie down,
One or two kind words,
And a comforting smile
And your anguish begins to
D i s p e r s e . . .
I see your once-lost eyes
Look focused for the first time.
The frail, troubled, china figurine
Sitting in front of me, calms.
My reassurance is all it takes.
I see you clearly for the first time.
And there you are, at last;

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