Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The big 5-0.

This is it. My fiftieth blog post. I can't quite believe I'm saying that. To most of you, that probably doesn't sound like a big deal, or even a number worth celebrating, but for me, it is. For me, it's worth a lot more than that. More than an approving nod or smile. You know why? It represents a whole lot more for me, for many reasons, but one in particular. The fact I've got to 50 blog posts, shows I really do possess the determined streak I long for and am proud of. It shows I'm growing as a person, and more over, a writer. The experience, the feeling, the opportunity. All of it, I couldn't have done, without this blog. I feel a lot more confident in my work, and feel a certain freedom and fulfillment in posting my writing for the world to see, whether it be a few lines moaning about lack of sleep and too much rain, or a creative piece that is close to my heart, it has the same feeling,- I get the same release from it. I tell more people about my blog now, and receive so many compliments and reactions that it never fails to shock me. With every blog view or acknowledgement, supportive comment or tweet, my confidence grows, and I get closer to realising, maybe, just maybe, I can really MAKE IT BIG.


  1. Whooooo!! Well done!! 50 is a lot!!! Hopefully I'll make it to the big 5-0!!! :D

    1. Thank you:) keep it up! Its a good feeling!! X