Sunday, 19 May 2013

Note to Self:

I always am writing notes and reminders around the house, to make sure I don't forget things. These are a few things to bare in mind, for now, at least;
  • Tomorrow will be okay. You'll pass your exams (fingers crossed.) You know you can do it, so stop saying you're going to fail. You'll be alright. You always are. Don't underestimate yourself and your capabilities. It's stupid. You know you wouldn't be pursuing a degree you weren't any good at. Surely? Yes. 
  • Give people a chance. They might surprise you. Hopefully, for the better.
  • Stop moaning, get out of bed and enjoy your life. You know you want to.
  • Uni finishes tomorrow, so there's absolutely no excuse to even utter a pessimistic thought. 
And finally, raise your glass. You deserve it. You've come an awful long way in the past six months, so act like it. 

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