Wednesday, 29 May 2013


You're the person I want to speak to at three in the morning because of a dream I've just had. The one whose name makes me smile as soon as I hear it. The only person I'd want to be drinking whiskey with in the middle of the night, exchanging random facts and sharing giggles. The one person who always puts a smile on my face. The one with the occasionally-altering shadow, but, still, you're there. You're the one that's there to hold my hand, or my hair back when I've drank too much. The one who is forever texting me, reads my blog and never fails to be there when I need you. The person I see in the mirror, the supermarket or in my imagination. Who is this person?

This person alters. They are in many places at once, and take on many different forms. My best friends, my wavering love-interests, my family, my awkward friends, my acquaintances, every single person who has had an impact on my life. I love you all. I need you all, and you all, in some way, I'd like to think, need me too.

Even the people who put me down or are waiting for me to screw up, I thank you. (slightly cliché  to thank "the haters") but that's not what this is. This is, merely, saying thank you, to everyone who has been in my life, whether it be for the long-haul, or just fleetingly, you all, I think, helped me to get to where, and who I am today. Maybe I do wish there are certain people I'd never met, become friends with, or even just had the unfortunate luck of bumping into, but in the long run, I truly am beginning to believe, even the bad times, give me a reason to smile. Because they are in the past, and everyone who put me down, needs to be shown, it was only temporary. I have a reason to smile, and the funny thing is, it's not because of, nor ever will it be, you. Your words don't sting like they used to.

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