Sunday, 12 May 2013

An explanation.

Right, I've been AWOL for a while, over two weeks in fact, and I think I owe my fellow bloggers an explanation. So, what have I been doing with myself these past 14+ days? A lot and not much, if that at all makes sense. Far too many nights out for various different reasons (or excuses rather) with a group of amazing people. Bank holiday celebrations, my sister's 18th party and my uncle's wedding, all in the space of  a week. My liver is suffering. I know this is very disjointed, but who cares. It's not a proper blog post, if such a thing even exists. Also, I've just recently sat my first ever degree-level exam, which was quite scary. (Fingers crossed on that front!) So, what's the update? I have realised a few things: I can stomach far too much alcohol on an empty stomach, I'm probably more stubborn than I like to admit, shots should never look like they contain milk, family events can really be quite awkward when you don't know anyone and finally, there's no such thing as too much when it comes to getting dressed for a wedding. I'm far too tired, and still suffering from the remains of a two-day hangover, the latest of my escapades, which shall probably remain to be seen in a negative light. Counting down the days, until firstly, Thursday, the day my all-time favourite book, The Great Gatsby, gets a second, newer, shinier film adaptation released, two years in the making, and secondly, my last exam to over, a week tomorrow, so I can finally do everything I've got planned the second the clock strikes 4pm, including reading every piece of Literature-related material I can get my hands on that isn't on my Must Read list for Uni, and celebrate like crazy, even if there's nothing to celebrate, and more to commiserate. 

Confused, tired, and ready to abandon that Uni ship for four entire months. I need sun, laughs and plenty of reading material. Eight days, and I'll be pursuing it all, and hopefully, a lot more.

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