Monday, 29 July 2013

Skyscraper expectations.

What if everything stopped here.
What if your name and mine are never uttered in the same breath any longer.
What if you're okay with that, and I'm not.
What if we never met, or never do meet again,
Is that better, or is that worse?
Do you regret it, that thing we knew as us?
Or do you want to laugh every time it's brought up,
Like it's just a fly on your windshield,
Just a spec of dust in your peripheral vision.
Maybe that's all I am now,
Or all I ever was,
But to me, you weren't just that.
You weren't just a crumb to be brushed away
Or an insufferable stain you just can't shift,
You were welcomed. Wanted.
You still are,
And I think you know that.
In the pit of your stomach, you know.
But I shrug my shoulders when I hear your name,
Because I can't ever live up to it,
Your skyscraper expectations.
I'm not that girl,
And you're not that kind of guy who is willing to compromise.
And I guess that's the beginning,
And the middle,
And the end, of everything.

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