Monday, 1 July 2013

One week and counting.

Just a little thing to say, I'm very excited. I jet off to the white island of Ibiza exactly one week today, and I'm totally thrilled. Myself, along with my two best friends in the entire world, Betty and Steph, are looking forward to a week of civilized (ha! who are we kidding?) partying and being able to enjoy that big round thing in the sky more often than we do in the somewhat-dull North East of England. I feel like I've been waiting for this holiday for months, so now it's finally in reach, or so it seems. Excitement, anticipation and alcohol fill the air. An all inclusive holiday may be just what we need to escape gloomy little England, even if it is just for a seven day period, (maybe that's all we'll need!)

Anyway. Just a little hello, even if there's no one reading this, it's not as if it's particularly groundbreaking. I've literally just whacked this out amidst creating an 'IBIZA 2013' playlist on iTunes, sorting through my mountain of holiday clothes, drinking coffee (as yes, I always am) and deciding which books to put on my Kindle for the essential holiday reading list. It's been a busy day to say the least. I think my bank account may be crying a bit, or at least shedding a few bitter tears at the amount I've spent these last few days. I'm making lists of Things To Do and Remember like there's no tomorrow, when in fact we've got a week to go, so I shouldn't be acting all panicked and OCD, but seems a shame to change the habit of a lifetime.

So, I'm curious. Where's everyone jetting off to this summer? Please, comment below, or tweet me and let me know: @eleanorward_. Wherever it is, I hope you all have a fabulous time and come back with great tans like I'm hoping to, as well as hundreds and hundreds of holiday snaps. Some may even reach it to here, but we'll see if they're suitable. 

The countdown has begun.
Ready and waiting.

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