Thursday, 4 July 2013

Next stop: Nostalgia Junction.

Imagine this. You wake up tomorrow, and it's all been a dream. A long, complex, crazy, out-of-this-world kinda dream. Your teenage self wakes up a meagre ten years old, with no experience or worry on your little shoulders. You lift your head up from your pillow. Sit up in your bed and rub your eyes violently with your hands. It's July 1st 2003. Do you remember that day? I don't. So, you wake up and it's ten years ago. A decade of your life just wiped out. A clean slate. There's a note addressed to you on your bedside table. At the top of the page, it reads; " Advice for the future, take note." And then there's a list of tips. A long, lengthy list of advice. Brought to you by an anonymous source. The advice fairy? It's a mystery. So. This is your chance. You've been given the opportunity to start your teenage years over again. What do you do? What do you wish you did differently? What does your piece of paper say?

Mine says the following;

  • Don't worry about silly fall-outs in Primary School. Enjoy it while it lasts, the easy stuff. The relaxed days. The lack of real work, stress or aggravation. You'll come to love that place, and miss it when you leave it. As for the people, you'll realise that Primary School friendships very rarely last, and that's okay. You'll spend your last day denying that you're upset, but you'll cry when you walk down that staircase and take one last look at the first place you were ever educated. It will make you who you become. 
  • Secondary School is tough, not just for you, for everyone. Speak up. Don't sit back and be referred to as "the quiet one" as it'll get you next to nowhere.
  • When you like him, why don't you just make it obvious. You're young and you have absolutely nothing to lose. Taking a risk is better than spending the next year and a half upset when he's with someone else.
  • When that girl is horrible to you, with her nasty, bitchy slurs, stand up for yourself. Straight away. She'll realise she can't talk to you like that, and grow out of her bitchy phase. Ish.
  • Don't take anything too seriously.
  • Year 7 will be full of petty arguments and fights. Ignore it.
  • At 13, you'll be very naive. Don't trust those girls who say they're your friends. You'll be better off without them.
  • Don't let anyone kick you when you're down.
  • Don't let certain people see your tears, they'll play on your insecurities.
  • Make it clear where your passions lie.
  • Don't break your heart over your name being dragged through the mud at fifteen because of a choice you may or may not have made wisely. They're bitches. Facebook will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble, so be careful.
  • If you like him and he likes you, there's not a problem. Unless there's someone else involved. If so, stear clear. It's not worth a bitch-fight. This one is vital. Learn from it.
  • Don't tiptoe around that girl who pretends to be your friend. She's not vulnerable, she's manipulative. Watch out, she'll ruin your life given half the chance. Confront her, and you'll be satisfied with yourself.
  • Enjoy your GCSE years, they're the easiest exams you'll ever sit. They aren't worth the stress, and these years will be some of the best of your life.
  • Laugh every chance you get.
  • And make sure you pick Media Studies.
  • P.S. No matter how much of a good idea you think it is, don't choose a Geography GCSE. Sorry to be harsh, but you're just not very good at Geography. Listen to your teachers, and your parents, and pick History. You're good at History.
  • Don't stress about GCSE results. They're good. In fact, they're brilliant. You'll ace them, so stop stressing and enjoy the carefree time you have with the people that matter.
  • Those people you took chances on? Never mind. Shrug it off, move on. You can do better.
  •  Don't cry over certain individuals who hurt you.
  • You don't need anyone in your life that doesn't absolutely need you in theirs.
  • Write early. 
  • Pick your A-level options wisely. And no, Eleanor, that doesn't mean French.
  • Avoid Psychology if you can, you'll break your neck to pass.
  • Apply to Uni, even though UCAS looks like the scariest thing ever. It's not as hard as you think.
  • Don't give up.
  • Work hard, play harder.
  • Be daring in your personal statement. Show off your passionate side. They WILL want you.
  • Do get your hair cut short, even if you get stick for it. It's who you are, be an individual.
  • Get used to the sight of the Wicket Gate. (It will be a pub. Just so you know.)  It will become your second home at 18/19.
  • Learn to love Sambuca and Tequila. It'll be beneficial in the long run, and help you avoid so many nights spent on the bathroom floor.
  • Openly admit you love your home comforts. Chester may be one of your favourite places on the planet. Never ever forget your roots, you'll be happy for them when you're almost 20.
  • The best nights out are nights close to home fuelled by lots of vodka.
  • Don't move away for Uni. Everyone knows you love your family too much to leave right now. It's important you're around. 
  • Your family believe in you an awful lot, so it's about time you appreciated that.
  • Hold on to your friends. The ones who hold on to you are keepers. Betty, she is. You call her Betty now, it's a long story. She's lovely. So is Steph. You'll get to know her better in Sixth Form.
  • Take a chance with everyone and anyone. Be risky.
  • Drink too much from time to time. It doesn't always end badly.
  • Never, ever bottle things up; if you need to cry, then cry.
  • You'll be reunited with some of your long, lost family. Be happy about it, it's not their fault things turned out the way they did. Get to know them.
  • Write because you want to. Screw what anyone else thinks.
  • Don't spend hours/days/weeks worrying about Uni. It'll be great. You'll meet some of your best friends there. Keep tight ahold of those three girls.
  • Maintain that blog of yours.
  • Read at every chance you get.
  • When you meet HIM, walk away.
  • Everyone is entitled to a second chance, not a hundredth chance.
  • When That Thing happens, don't let him off with his excuse. But rise above the hurt, you're better than that, and you're better than him.
  • Those people aren't worth your tears.
  • You'll make mistakes, so learn to live with them and move on.
  • Know when to keep your mouth shut and when to speak up.
  • Don't stress too much about school stuff that it makes you miserable, but work your arse off, it'll pay off.
  • Don't acquire a taste for wine or gin. It'll wreck your nights out.
  • Do go Abseiling even though it scares the shit out of you.
  • Make sure you take part in Freshers week, you'll love it.
  • Say "yes."
  • Discover ASOS sooner. It's fabulous.
  • Black coffee, fish finger sandwiches and the Friends boxset is a winning combination.
  • When Harry Met Sally, Sex and The City, Mean Girls and Friends will teach you everything you need to know about love, and life.
And most of all, be happy in your own skin. Learn to be confident. Love YOU. You can't be anyone else, and after all, why would you want to be? You've got it pretty fucking great. <3

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