Friday, 29 November 2013

Taking over me.

Its Friday, the term "Friday feeling" is being thrown about all over the place. Also, for our friends across the Atlantic, today is Black Friday; the Friday after thanksgiving when the shops slash all their prices for what becomes one of the most chaotic, manic shopping days ever. But back in sunny, chilly Newcastle, as I am now, there's something else on everyone's mind. Friday marks the end of the week, the end of work, and the start of what Newcastle is perhaps most famous for, nights out. If you've never experienced a piss up in geordieland, you've never lived. A typical weekend begins around 5pm, when people begin to crawl out of hibernation, braving the weather, in any number of unsuitable outfits. Without fail, there's a group of people in lewd, hilarious or confusing fancy dress hovering/stumbling around the gate in town on a Friday night. 

It can't be beaten. I live for the weekends mostly. Living at home, around 50 minutes drive from Newcastle itself, in little Chester, a weekend isn't complete if it isn't spent at one of Chester's many pubs. I know the bouncers and the bar staff, the drinks prices and even where the karaoke machine is. There really is a few perks of living at home and commuting to uni, and for me, home nights out are a big part of it. 

There's nothing I love more than getting dolled up, putting some stupidly high heels on, and heading for a long night in my local surrounded by so many familiar faces. For that song to come on, and no matter where you are; the dance floor, the smoking area or queuing impatiently at the bar, and it all just melts away. That song comes on, and everyone seems to stop, like a pre-planned, less crazy rendition of Hammer Time. And then what? Just complete awe. Smiles on everyone's faces. Problems disappear and you just all evaporate into the music, the moment. Nothing else matters, you find yourself grinning, singing and drinking, and realising how wonderful weekends really are.

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