Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Positive times.

The last few days have been chaotic, baffling, upsetting, among many other things. I've realised that certain people are important and the ones that are will never hurt you or take you for granted. That when it matters, even the people who you thought might fail you are the ones who are more than happy to run to your aid and pick up the pieces. The ones who are there for a sounding board, a hug or just the one paying for the tequila when you need it. We aren't defined by the good times, but by the bad times. How we react when we're under pressure. When we are tested, pushed to our limits. So now, I'm happier. I feel like I'm surrounded by people who make me a better version of myself, and they are people who love me and want me in their lives as much as I want and need them in mine. After losing myself a bit in the midst of screaming and acting all hysterical during a meltdown, I am picking up the pieces. I miserably failed NaNoWriMo. I have probably failed the two uni assignments I've just handed in, and I'm behind on my reading. I've been moody and questioned every decision I've ever made because of one too many bad choices. I'm not sure what I'm doing with my degree or what I want out of life now. Coffee, happy people and repeats of HIGNFY (Have I Got News For You?) are keeping me up to date with what I need to know. Maybe journalism could twist my arm, and take advantage of my over-opinionated little self? Who knows. I'm moving on to better things. No one can make me feel low unless I allow them to, and I shouldn't. I know my worth even if they don't. So I'm sticking two fingers up to anyone who feels the need to attempt to make me unhappy. Good look trying. 

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