Monday, 18 November 2013


Considering today is the devil's day, my Monday didn't go too badly. Considering. That's a big word today. It's been used a lot. It was okay, considering... The night before, and the night before that, and every other weekends plans. The excessive alcohol, the cringeworthy embarrassment, the complicated situations I attract like I have my own personal magnetic field. The next day, tasting bitter alcohol and regret on your tongue. A blinding headache and a total blank as to what last night entailed. Today, I've been a bit useless. I slept in, after forgetting to set my alarm, so missed my morning lecture. I've just been in a total daze. My head isn't working. I'm more dense than usual. Bed is calling. Strangely enough, so is a want for a big spoon. Just sayin'. 

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