Friday, 22 November 2013


Yes, I've discovered it. Finally. I am, I hate to say it, a creature of habit. I'm predictable. I have a 'usual' way of living and a routine that many people are all-too aware of. While some people would perhaps think this is a positive, I am not one of those people. I've never wanted to be one of those people who lives their lives by train times or the television schedule, although I'm afraid to say I am in dangerous territory here. 

It's a Friday night, or nearing the early hours of a Saturday morning and I'm in bed. Tucked up warm and cosy, wondering, thinking, moaning about the fact that I am not at my usual place. The pub. Weekends are always to be spent at the pub, or at the very least, out of the house and enjoying life. So I break the habit, and I'm miserable. I waver from my oh-so predictable life and I feel all out of sorts. A bit lost even. While I love and encourage spontaneity, and truly believe it is very important, the irony it is, it seems, is that I am perhaps the most predictable person I know.

Like Chevy Chase's character Henry in Funny Money who eats bumblebee tuna sandwiches every day, and asks for the same brown lambskin briefcase every birthday. Yes, okay, I've seen the film a thousand times, I know the dialogue, and find it quite hilarious, even when everyone I know tells me how crap it is. I am, it seems, almost as predictable as Henry. 

You can rely on my coffee addiction, my almost constant negativity and swearing, my need for comfort food and sitcoms and my always being cold, as much as you can rely on Monica for being a bit OCD, or Chandler for making another sarcastic comment, or Ross getting divorced. Anyone that knows me well knows I am a creature of habit, for my sins. I drink too much coffee, I never get enough sleep, I stress an awful lot, I drink a lot of sambuca but not quite as much as coffee. If I'm not at uni, in bed, or watching Friends, I'm either planning to do one of these things or, more than likely, I'm at the pub. Yes. My home from home. I even know the bouncers. Yes. Now.. What does everyone seriously think? Is someone who is predictable, in turn, boring? Or is it a nice, comforting sort of thing, knowing that there's one person who can be relied upon for certain things, like always having am umbrella, or a positive comment or something. Is predictable just another way of saying relianble? Would one rather be easily relied upon than deemed unpredictable or, even, unreliable? I don't know. I'm yet to fully decide on whether this is a good or bad trait I possess, or whether it is actually a trait at all, or a habit I can, if willing, break out of. 

We will see. 

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