Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ugly on the inside.

So much for women's rights. I've lately read an article in a newspaper I probably shouldn't name, the not-so-drunken slurs of a woman who makes me feel embarrassed and humiliated for sharing so much as a gender binary with her. Who is the woman in question, you may wonder. Some call her the devil incarnate, others are ready to cut off their own limbs to support her vile, overly-cruel views. I'm refraining from actually including any definite references to this journalist, or her article's name, as I'm not actually sure it wouldn't be considered slanderous.

The article to which I'm referring to, states that women who have any ounce of self-respect, would diet for her entire life, to allow herself a feeling of accomplishment. While the basic subject matter may be controversial enough, the content is even more infuriating, if that is actually possible. The journalist, in my mind, is an egotistical, vain and harsh woman, who actually has no respect for her fellow females, never mind the rest of the human species. Her self-comparison with Joan Collins was enough to make me want to swear, as if you've ever caught a glimpse of THIS WOMAN, (I acknowledge she's quite attractive) however, I don't believe she, nor anyone else, no matter how beautiful/gorgeous/stunning you are, has the right to belittle another person, because of their gender, race, weight, looks, sexuality or ethnic background. While I know fine well that 'Mrs X' wasn't taking all of these major sources of prejudice on when she wrote the article (decidedly poor choice anyhow) I think that the hypocrisy of the newspaper is also partly, or equally, to blame.

In the latest of her media-sourced attacks, this woman, who angers me indescribable amounts, wrote, or rather projectile-vomited such offensive trash, including the statement that 'overweight is never attractive' and 'any woman with a modicum of self-respect' wants to 'watch her figure' and be skinny. Not only does her bile-ridden article promote an unhealthy, dangerous way of life, I'd even go as far to say she seems to be promoting a lifestyle that could put females at risk of developing seriously damaging eating disorders. It's well known that the media are always slamming us for how we should and shouldn't look, what's IN, what's OUT and what's never, EVER been anywhere near IN. So, now body shape is the latest of her fiery targets.

I felt ashamed discovering that this woman was trending on Twitter after reading her slurs, and was actually disgusted that anyone could even toy with the idea of allowing such a narrow-minded woman to publish such total rubbish. I am a firm believer, that while we live in an age where it's fashionable to be thin, that in fact, as long as you're happy and healthy, we're all as beautiful as one another. There's absolutely no need to thin down to a size zero, while I also accept that everyone is a different shape/size. We shouldn't have such pressure, surrounding and suffocating us, a vicious unconscious whispering "Are you sure you want to eat that?" every time you pick up something not filled entirely with O2. Calories, in moderation, are fine. Why can't people understand that being underweight is just as dangerous as being overweight?

I don't believe that, in 2013, that anyone, man or woman, should be allowed to publish something so controversial, especially in a newspaper such as this one. A (somewhat) trusted outlook. An influential piece of media. A nudge in the wrong direction. While we should all aim to be healthy, I don't believe that starving ourselves is the way to do it. Even model Kate Moss is famous for saying "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," a statement that has sickened me for years, and will undoubtedly continue to do so for a long time. I abhor journalists, models and media publishers who feel they have the right, (and the sheer arrogance) to portray lifestyle and eating habits in such a way.

No matter your dress size, your weight or your daily calorie consumption, at least us real girls can say we are beautiful on the outside and inside, something that said journalist can never, ever say.

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