Saturday, 31 May 2014

You can do it, Duffy Moon. #2

My mam's voice trails off as my eyes adjust to what's on my phone screen. It's Gracie's blog, and her latest post is of a different tone. It's important, it's heartfelt and it must have taken a shitload of courage to write. I bite back tears reading it, for many, many reasons. The subject matter is unexpected. The writing itself is fucking beautiful. It's sincere. It's incredibly moving. It's thought-provoking. 

My grandma always says to me, when I'm in trouble, under pressure, suffering mind-numbing anxiety or totally breaking down, a little saying that brings a tear to the corner of my eye, and one I always remember when things get tough. It's this: "you can do it, Duffy Moon." 

It's more than a homely, affectionate pet-name for one of her many grandchildren. It's inspired. It's just knowing someone somewhere is sending you all the happy thoughts they could ever conjure up. So I'm passing the gesture, or the torch as it were. Today, someone else needs this happy thought. Someone I've never met and yet, feels like such an important person in my life for hundreds of reasons. 

A lovely individual, a very beautiful girl with an amazing passion for writing. We have so much in common, and I have a lot to thank her for. Especially, this blog she has encouraged me to write. In bad times, sometimes all you need is a happy word. Or a smile. Or a laugh, or a hug. Because of the distance between us, some of these things aren't possible. But this, Gracie baby, is for you. This may seem tough. It may all seem really dark at the moment. The walls may appear to be caving in around your beautiful head, but that's not true. You're amazing, and you can do anything. 

YOU CAN DO IT, DUFFY MOON. This thing, you can bloody well do it. I know it, Gracie. 

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