Monday, 20 January 2014


I'm the kind of person who saw your latest tweet about running late for work, your Instagram post, the single of the week on Radio One, and what Fearne Cotton's three-word review was, the breaking news headlines, the time Eastenders starts, and what that Facebook argument was really about, the films getting the good reviews, and the worse reviews, the price of drinks in my local and how long you actually can wait for a bus before seven show up at once in Chester. I know the stupid, irrelevant things like probably every line ever spoken in Friends and Peter Kay's Tour That Didn't Tour Tour. I know when all the sales are on, and the last possible time you can place an order on ASOS and receive it the next morning. The right coffee to water ratio to make my day obviously constructive. The taxi price I pay every single week I go out. How much weight my bags can hold before my anthologies threaten their stitching. 

I'm a bit odd like that. Relevant things don't seem to have much space reserved in my brain. Random facts take priority. Things that actually won't aid me in life whatsoever usually. It's been said I lack in common sense at times, and honestly, it's very true. My mam's always telling me  ,"Eleanor, for someone so clever, you're very stupid sometimes." Or words to that affect. An over-thinker who doesn't think. It's funny anyway. I'm attempting to start this year as a more together, organised person, and especially, as a student. In my second semester of my second year at uni now, I think it's about time I started taking it seriously, and working hard. That just means I'll play even harder. Oh yes, and I want to learn to play the piano. Random. But we actually do have a piano at home. What can I say, my sister got bored one summer and someone was selling one. 

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